A short incubation serum neutralization test for bovine viral diarrhea virus


A three day serum neutralization (SN) test for the detection of antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), which is an improvement on the existing five day test, is described. The improved test results in a more rapid viral cytopathic effect and utilizes Madin Darby kidney (MDBK) cells, and horse serum as a medium supplement. A comparison of tests utilizing the NADL and the Singer strains of BVDV and the use of either secondary bovine kidney cells with calf serum (BKCS) or continuous MDBK cells with horse serum (MDHS) was performed. Analysis of the SN results of 685 serum samples from 445 Quebec and Ontario cattle showed that there was no difference, as expected, in the means of the SN antibody titers when the NADL strain was used in either the BKCS or MDHS system but SN antibody titers were elevated (p less than 0.01) when the Singer strain was used in the MDHS system. The SN test with the Singer strain also yielded significantly higher titers for sera from 200 Alberta cattle.

Deregt D, Smithson S, and Kozub GC. Can J Vet Res. 1992 April; 56(2): 161–164.