Coinfection with bovine viral diarrhea virus and Mycoplasma bovis in feedlot cattle with chronic pneumonia


Chronic, antibiotic-resistant pneumonia, sometimes with concurrent polyarthritis, occurs in feedlot cattle in western Canada. The prevalence of Mycoplasma bovis, bovine viral diarrhea virus, and Haemophilus somnus was determined by using immunohistochemical staining of lung and heart tissue from 2 groups of animals with this history. Mycoplasma bovis antigen was present in 44/48 cases submitted between 1995 and 1998 (retrospective group) and 15/16 of cases from 1999 (prospective group), and was associated with pulmonary necrosis. Bovine viral diarrhea virus antigen was present in association with microscopic vascular lesions in 31/48 retrospective and 9/16 of prospective cases. Types Ib and II bovine viral diarrhea virus were isolated from 4/16 prospective cases. Haemophilus somnus antigen was present in heart, lung, or both of 15/48 retrospective and 8/16 prospective cases. The results suggest that there may be synergism between bovine viral diarrhea virus and M. bovis in this pneumonia with arthritis syndrome.

Shahriar FM, Clark EG, Janzen E, West K, and Wobeser G. Can Vet J. 2002 November; 43(11): 863–868.

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