Diagnostic assays applied in BVDV control in The Netherlands

Animal Health Service, P.O. Box 9, 7400 AA Deventer, The Netherlands


In The Netherlands, a voluntary bovine  virus  diarrhoea  virus (BVDV)-free certification programme was started in 1997. After an intake procedure in which all cattle are tested for the presence of  BVD  virus, a herd obtains the status “ BVD -virus-free”. To maintain this status a monitoring procedure is executed to verify absence of BVDV circulation in the herd. Several diagnostic tests are used: RT-PCR in bulk milk and pooled blood samples, antigen-ELISA (Ag-ELISA) and antibody ELISA in individual blood samples. Sensitivity and specificity of these tests are discussed. In addition, a diagnostic quick scan has been introduced, consisting of a combination of bulk milk tests for virus and antibody, and antibody tests in samples from young stock. Preliminary results are presented.


This article was published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 72, M.H. Mars, and C. Van Maanen, Diagnostic assays applied in BVDV control in The Netherlands, 43-48, Copyright Elsevier 2005.