Experiences from BVDV control in Sweden

aSwedish Dairy Association, Dairy Cattle Health Service, Box 1146, SE-631 80 Eskilstuna, Sweden bSwedish Dairy Association, Research and development, Box 7019, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden


A control scheme on BVDV was launched in Sweden in 1993 with the aim to prevent spread of the infection between herds, to eliminate virus from infected herds and, ultimately, to eradicate BVDV from Sweden. At the start it was voluntary and fully financed by the affiliated farmers. The estimated prevalence of infected herds was 40%. After 11 years there were only 205 (0.9%) herds still under clearance. Measures perceived to be of importance in concluding the scheme are subsidies on costs for analyses, gradually making regulations for contacts between herds and prevention of indirect infection stricter and also to eventually make the scheme compulsory.


This article was published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 72, L. Hulta, and A. Lindbergb, Experiences from BVDV control in Sweden, 143-148, Copyright Elsevier 2005.