Expression of a 50 kDa putative receptor for bovine viral diarrhea virus in bovine fetal tissues


The expression of a 50 kDa bovine viral diarrhea virus putative receptor in different bovine fetal tissues from 3-month old fetuses was studied. The receptor expression was examined by immunocytochemical staining and by immunoblotting using antiidiotypic probe (anti-D89). Intense specific staining in enterocytes of the small and large intestines, cortical tubular epithelial cells of kidneys, respiratory epithelial cells of the trachea and esophageal mucosal epithelial cells was observed, demonstrating the strong expression of bovine viral diarrhea virus receptor in the tissues. Weak staining was found in cerebellum, thymus, spleen, liver, cerebrum, and lung tissues; however, heart tissues were negative. Immunoblotting results correlated with the immunoperoxidase staining assays. Thus, the expression levels of the receptor are variable in different tissues. This pattern of expression may provide clues to the pathogenic potential of bovine viral diarrhea virus in the bovine fetus.

Zheng L, Zhang S, Xue W, Kapil S, and Minocha HC. Can J Vet Res. 1998 April; 62(2): 156–159.